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Hire A Virtual Team Member

How Virtual Team Members Can Accelerate Progress (And Reduce Headaches)

Advantages of Having Virtual Team Members (60 min video)


Dillon's company currently offersVirtual DTMs

  • Virtual Financial Planning Subject Manager Expert Services
    • Fulfill the role of Financial Planning Subject Matter Expert for a flat fee of $1,300/per client progress meeting
    • Discuss the status of your Deliverables Team and strategize about what a Virtual Financial Planner can specifically add to the team
    • Review the work product of your Deliverables Team and make constructive observations about how to improve where needed (i.e. collaboration, leadership, etc.)
    • Demonstrate the process and explain rationale for delivering the Financial Planning checkpoints and deliverables virtually (i.e. Goal Progress Outlook, etc.)


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What do you do?

We help Trusted Advisors deliver Truly Comprehensive Financial Services by fulfilling the requirements of a best-in-class financial planner. The services are a-la-cart and provided virtually. Engagements can be shorter-term or for the duration you serve your ideal client community.

2.) How do deliver on that (what you promised to clients)?

We have proven systems and processes (Best Way’s) as well as the skill and experience necessary to positively impact you, your existing team and most importantly, your ideal clients. We have high ethical and performance standards that we guarantee will meet or exceed your expectations.

3.) What kind of clients do you serve best?

We work best with Trusted Advisors who:
  • Are in need of Financial Planning Subject Matter Expert
  • Delegate tasks to their team
  • Are charging their Ideal Clients enough to pay themselves, their Deliverables Team and an Administrative Manager
  • Use the Trusted Advisor Toolkit™
  • Appreciate hearing the truth no matter what
  • Value simplicity

4.) What keeps you in this business?

Dillon saw a huge gap in the marketplace for financial planning expertise and administrative manager services, and decided to fill the void. The opportunity to work in a high-functioning team of professionals who genuinely care that clients make progress towards achieving their goals, keeps us in this business.

5.) Exactly how do you charge?

Client Progress MeetingVirtual Financial Planning
The Implementation Meeting™ $750
The Initial Progress Update™ $750
The Initial Comprehensive Safety Review™ $1300
The Comprehensive Safety Review™ $1300
The Goal Progress Outlook™ $1300
The Annual Review™ $1300

The annual flat fee for virtual financial planning works out to be $3,900/per ideal client.

6.) What exactly do your clients get for what they pay you?

For financial planning, you will receive everything you need to be highly successful in each client progress meeting. We will prepare through the dry-run prep meeting(s) so that you know and understand the client's goals, the status of each goal, any adjustments that need to be made to increase the probability of client success as well as scenarios that should be considered by the client. It will all be in writing and it will incorporate the feedback of other deliverable team members so that your client knows that you are organized, coordinated and looking out for only one thing - them!

7.) Why should I work with you (over other Hiring Subject Matter Experts)?

  • We can start tomorrow!
  • It's simple to hire us as a long-term part of your team or for shorter term projects.
  • You don't have to hire, train or manage us.
  • We scale with you. As your Ideal Client Community grows, we will grow with you.
  • We know the Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ and what it takes to deliver truly comprehensive financial services.
  • We're committed to working in advance and continually evaluating ways to help you provide even greater value to your clients.
  • As a Trusted Advisor (TA), you are the "homeowner" and we understand that. Our experience enables us to understand our role as "caretaker" of your home and gives us a pretty good idea of how you want things to work.

8.) What’s the process if I become a client?

Send me an email - - and we will schedule an initial conversation to come up to speed with where you are in your journey to implement truly comprehensive financial services. We use this time to answer questions and make sure we are a good “fit” for what you're looking for. If you’re happy with what we’ve discussed, we then agree to move forward.

9.) What makes you think I would make a good client?

You fit the ideal advisor profile mentioned above which means you are committed to developing a team of professionals to work together on behalf of your clients. If you’re following The Toolkit processes you will find use to be a good addition to your team.

10.) How can I be certain I can trust that working with you will result in a successful hire?

We believe trust is earned over time. The reality is you don't know that we are trustworthy - yet. We are confident that over the course of our work together you will observe our behavior, hear and see our communication, experience our reliability and appreciate our honesty. Then, and only then, will you be certain you can trust us. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate who we are and why we believe we can help you and your clients. Our commitment is to do our very best all the time and in every situation.



Rich 100x100Dillon has served as the Financial Planning SME for me and my clients for the past several years. Dillon's highly skilled in taking multiple complex client issues, performing analysis and pulling it together into a cohesive GPS along with supporting documents such as the Goal Blueprint and Capital Projection. However,  I feel one of his greatest strengths is being able to help form the "Crucial Conversation(s)", which is the area we need to help the client focus on in order to make real progress, fully deliver on the value proposition and really move their plan forward.

-Rich Fangen

Mark 100x100There are very few Financial Planning Subject Matter Experts whose work I've reviewed, but I have had the opportunity to work directly with Dillon over the years. His process is thorough and proactive, and he fully embraces The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™. I have worked with many excellent Financial Planning Subject Matter Experts over the years and Dillon really understands that "big picture" mission of The Toolkit is to deliver an extraordinary client experience. As you're interviewing Financial Planning Subject Matter Expert candidates, if you're in the U.S., I would recommend you look at Dillon, if he's accepting clients.

-Mark McKenna Little, founder and CEO, Trusted Advisor Toolkit™

How to Hire Dillon

If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of working with a virtual team member in general or how hiring a virtual subject matter expert may help the rest of your Deliverables Team, schedule a complimentary 40 minute appointment with Dillon by clicking here.

If you are ready to move forward with hiring a Financial Planner, schedule an introductory meeting with Dillon by clicking here. Unlike various other subject matter experts, we’re specifically trained, skilled and committed to supporting Trusted Advisors who are implementing Truly Comprehensive Financial Services as defined by the Trusted Advisor Toolkit. Additionally, you only pay for the services you use.  If you are starting out with 11 Ideal Client or if you have 40, your costs scale with your practice.


About Dillon

Dillon With CaptionDillon has been a financial planner since 2007. He’s been an active member of the Trusted Advisor Toolkit community for almost three years where he fulfilled the role of Trusted Advisor initially. Dillon saw a huge gap in the marketplace for virtual services, he decided to fill the void by providing virtual financial planning and administrative manager services to Trusted Advisors. To date, he’s completed the financial planning checkpoints and facilitated dry run prep meetings for over 125 client progress meetings, built a deliverables team and lead two different administrative managers. He’s also served as the Trusted Advisor for several clients which gives him unique insight into what it means to deliver Truly Comprehensive Financial Services.

Dillon has a rich technology and systems background which comes in handy when working virtually with teams in multiple locations. He serves on three non-profit boards focused on education and leadership as a way of giving whatever he has to help others make progress. Dillon received his undergraduate degree in computer science and master’s degree in business administration and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner.

While not working, Dillon enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, playing guitar, and working on projects around their home. Dillon and his wife Jamie of 14 years have two children, Cole (9) and Ellie (8).