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Copyrights, Trademarks & Intellectual Property on This Site

Here is our policy regarding your use of proprietary materials and intellectual property available to members in-good-standing of this site. All rights are reserved.


The 7 Prerequisites "Required" By The Toolkit

Summary of The Toolkit Terms of Use (General Membership)

The content on The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ is copyrighted and you will notice many trademarked documents, terms and other materials.  We reserve all rights, including the right to restrict access to these materials at our discretion.

No person shall obtain access to this system except by registering under his/her own name and with an email address that he/she controls.

No content from this site may be distributed and/or reproduced in part or in whole without express written permission for the specific use(s) you propose to us in advance.  For example:

  • No content from this site may be utilized on any public materials, including your websites, without prior permission in writing from us.
  • Unless otherwise specified, downloadable materials are for your personal use and may not be redistributed in any way  without our advance written permission.

Deliverables Checkpoints™ are to be utilized exclusively online on The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ system, and may not be printed out or otherwise reproduced in any manner off this system. Granting access to Deliverables Checkpoints™ to non-members is grounds for immediate revocation of your system credentials and system access.

Even with our permission, all protection "marks" must remain on copyrighted, trademarked and registered terms (partial list below) and must remain on the content, documents or other protected items you use, and may not be removed.  For example if you have been granted permission to use "The Circle Chart™" all instances of your use should bear the "™" as you see it here on our system. Another example, if you are granted permission in writing to refer to "The Freedom Experience®," any and all instances of your use of that term must bear the "®" mark.  Also, if you are granted written permission to refer to any of our content on this site, please add a copyright notice on every "page" you create, in addition to the trademark on the term or phrase, as follows:

Content is being used with permission © MMI - MMXXIII by Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ & Mark McKenna Little - all rights reserved.

Your permission for any use of these protected materials (intellectual property) ceases upon your termination or revocation as a member in good standing of The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ (

Any questions or special requests regarding your use of my proprietary materials on this site, or uses of my materials which may be beyond the scope of the permission described above may be directed to

Mark McKenna Little
Founder & Creator
The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™

Proprietary Terms include, but are not limited to:

Advisor PACT™
Behind The Numbers™
Deliverables Checkpoints™
Financial Leadership™
Financial House Inspection Report™
Fully Comprehensive Financial Services™
Most Trusted Advisor™
Project Implementation Leader™ (aka Administrative Manager)
The 6 Fundamental Laws™
The Advisor P.A.C.T. Monthly Program™
The Annual Referral Rate™
The Annual Review™
The Ask Mark Worldwide Live Session™
The Best Way™
The Bobsled Run™ Meeting Process Appraisal
The Circle Chart™
The Client Goal Tracker™
The Client Prep Packet™
The Comprehensive Safety Review™
The Comprehensive Safety Review Exercise™
The Countdown Checklists™
The Correct Your Aim™ (CYA) client exercise
The Crucial Few™
The Daily Pre-shot Routine™
The Deliverables Checkpoints™
The Deliverables Team Recruitment Process™
The Dry-Run Prep Meeting™
The Exception Report™
The Expectations Meeting™
The Financial Leadership Staircase™
The Financial Leadership Traits™
The Five Critical Reports™
The Focused Solution™
The Four Blind Spots™
The Four Client Expectations™
The Freedom Experience®
The Friendship File™
The Funding Plan™
The Go-to Grid™
The Goal Blueprint™
The Goal Progress Outlook™
The Goals Progress Report™
The Greatest Probability Strategy™ (GPS)
The Growth Progress Since Last Meeting Report™
The Growth Progress Since Inception Report™
The Highest Priority Conversation™

The Implementation Meeting™
The Implementation Plan™ (aka GPS)
The Initial Client Interview™
The Insurance Grid™
The Interaction Log™
The Interaction Log Template™
The Leadership Staircase™
The Legacy Flow™
The Marketing 101 Make-a-list Project™
The Mark of Mastery™
The Meeting Plan Status Report™
The MISC Organizer™
The Monthly Advisor-only Session™
The Monthly Lesson™
The Numbers History™
The Online Meeting Plan™
The Only Game in Town™
The Paperwork Sources™
The Preliminary Prep Packet™
The Progress Meeting Dress Rehearsal™
The Progress Reports™
The Quick Launch Guide™
The Referability Dashboard™
The Relationship File™
The Relationship File Process™
The Solution Log™
SME Commitment Assessment Form
SME Expectations Conversation
The Ten Client Deliverables™
The Three Meeting Process™
The Toolkit Inner Circle™
The Toolkit Progress Update™
The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™
The Truth in Fees Exercise™
The Truth in Fees Report™
The Weekly Session™
Toolkit Direct™
Truly Comprehensive Financial Services™
Trusted Advisor Nation™

SPECIAL NOTE: Audio, video and other content below is with special permission or joint use and your use is prohibited without written permission in advance:

  • ©1988-2016 Bachrach & Associates, Inc. for terms Financial Road Map®, Values-Based Financial Planning™
  • Content marked  "January 2012 Values-Based Financial Planning Academy"
  • Any audio or video content from Bachrach & Associates, Inc. events is presented on this system with special permission.

To request permission for special use of content send your request via Contact Us.

FOR FULL-ACCESS TEAM MEMBERS: The Trusted Advisor (aka Team Owner) accepts and agrees to the complete Toolkit Terms of Use Agreement on behalf of all his/her Team Members (self included).