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Are You a Financial Subject Matter Expert?

If you are highly skilled and experienced in a narrow field of finance and might like to work with Ideal Clients of the Financial Advisors using this system, please let us know more about yourself


Financial Advisors on our system frequently seek information about highly skilled and experienced Subject Matter Experts for their best clients; by submitting this form we will keep your information on-file for our members who request it. 

If you are highly skilled and experienced in one or more of the following areas of finance, please let us know more about you and your services.  Fill out as much of this information as you are able and willing to share.

Members on this system are seeking all of the following:
  • Financial Planning Subject Matter Expert
  • Tax Subject Matter Expert
  • Estate Planning Subject Matter Expert
  • Insurance Subject Matter Expert
  • Money Management Subject Matter Expert


Warm regards,


Mark McKenna Little
Founder & Creator
The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™


I am an expert in the following areas: Check all that apply
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 The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ Note:

Every financial advisor utilizing this system has been encouraged not to perform any Subject Matter Expert work.  Instead, we coach every financial advisor on this system to build a team of Subject Matter Experts who already have skill and experience.
As such, the financial advisors who utilize this system run businesses providing Comprehensive Financial Services through a Deliverables Team of Subject Matter Experts who are highly skilled and experienced in one or more of these narrow fields of finance.  Our members are looking for experts in the following areas:
  • Financial Planning: comprehensive written lifetime financial plan creation and update
  • Tax
    • Annual Tax projection
    • Annual Income Tax Return Review prior to filing
  • Estate Planning
    • Establishment of skilled estate plan for every Ideal Client
    • Regular update of each client's estate plan
  • Risk Management
    • Property & Casualty Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • Long Term Care
    • Life Insurance
  • Asset Management
    • Asset Allocation (creation, update and management)
    • Individual Portfolio Management (buy, sell, hold decisions across all client accounts)
    • Money Management (aka TAMP, portfolio management,  privately managed separate accounts, etc.)
    • Daily Management (placing trades, arranging client distributions, submitting account forms and transfers)
Advisors on our system have an annual checklist of 143 Deliverables Checkpoints™ which are completed for every one of their Ideal Clients by these Subject Matter Experts on their team.  If you accepting new clients, please submit as much of the information above as possible.   


PLEASE NOTE:  By submitting this information you are giving us your approval to distribute this information to members of our system upon request.