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We Pledge To Respond Within One Business Day

Our promise to respond promptly to your questions

When you "Contact Us" we pledge to respond to you in less than one (1) business day.

This standard of responding to your questions "in less than one business day" may need clarification.  We consider a "business day" to be: questions received in our offices anytime Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm U.S. Pacific Time.  Our team is available to support you during those hours.

Weekend days (Saturday & Sunday), and posted holidays, are not considered "business days." As for holidays, our support team is available every day the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is open. We match their holiday schedule since many of our member's offices are also closed on those days most markets and banks are closed (see below).  

Generally, our offices are closed for 9 holidays per year and we post alerts, well in advance, on the home page of The Trusted Advisor Toolkit in a section called, "News & Announcements"

Therefore questions submitted on weekends and holidays will be responded to by our team promptly on the next "business day." I always like to provide this worst-case scenario as an example for clarity,

"If we receive a member question at 5:15 pm the Thursday before Good Friday, because we're closed Good Friday and over the weekend, a reply should be expected no later than 5:15 pm on Monday. Even though 4 calendar days have elapsed since the question was submitted, 5:15 pm on Monday represents only one "business day."

Of course, if your question is urgent mark it as such and we'll attempt to respond sooner but, if ever you receive a response from us that takes more than "one business day," please "Contact Us" and mark it "For Mark Little: URGENT."  Your note will be delivered directly to me because I'd like to know if ever we fail to meet our response time pledge to you.

We know you're busy, are seriously implementing our system and we take this promise to you seriously.


Mark McKenna Little
Founder & CEO
The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™

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