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Part I: What Is The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™?

The highest level view of the Toolkit


The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ is a highly specialized project management system where the project goal is to repeatedly craft and deliver an Extraordinary Client Experience that consistently exceeds the wildest expectations of any affluent client.


In short, the Toolkit business model demonstrates that it is better to serve a hundred clients brilliantly than to serve thousands of clients adequately. The interests of affluent Clients and of the Advisor are not well served by trying to maintain a large community of transactional clients, many of whom are not even profitable.

It starts with an established Financial Advisor who decides to build and serve a community of 50-100 carefully selected Clients who are able and willing to pay an appropriate annual flat fee to get every aspect of their financial life in perfect order and keep it that way—forever.

By serving a smaller community of Ideal Clients the way they want to be served, you increase your referrals, substantially distinguish yourself from the rest of the industry and your clients will very happily pay the higher fees required.

Those higher, flat fees allow the Trusted Advisor to build and support a team of world-class Subject Matter Experts from all five areas of personal finance who proactively collaborate and peer-review every aspect of the Client's financial life throughout the year.

This frees up the Trusted Advisor to focus primarily on interactions with the Ideal Clients and potential clients. The Trusted Advisor enjoys higher profits, predictable monthly recurring revenue, reasonable work hours, regular vacations, a steady stream of referrals and the pleasure of serving a small community of insanely happy Clients.

This business model depends upon successfully and consistently crafting an extraordinary client experience—and that's what the Toolkit will help you accomplish.


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