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Informal Client Luncheons

Hosting 2-3 regular lunches with your clients each year will strengthen your relationship with your Ideal Clients


Ideal Client Luncheon Scheduling Sequence


Schedule Luncheons with an Ideal Client every 4 months, in-between client progress meetings


In this 23 minute video, Mark walks through all the specific details for establishing an effective, and compelling, Ideal Client Luncheon Process

video here


We call these "informal client luncheons" in that there is no formal agenda; these lunches are entirely social

Client Luncheon Success Tips

  • Luncheons are 16 weeks apart (in between client progress meetings)
  • 2 couples maximum (or 3 single clients)
    • It's okay to invite a client without their spouse
  • Choose a quiet lunch spot
  • Prearrange a menu and get entree choices in advance
  • Rotate attendance (unless otherwise requested) to change the dynamic


Outcomes of Implementing an Effective Ideal Client Luncheon Process

  • Deepen your relationship with Ideal Clients
  • Uncover actionable planning issues for your team
  • Increased Referrals (significant increase over time)
  • Fully discussing non-business issues at luncheons will result in client progress meetings which are then tighter and more-focused (no need for idle chit-chat at formal client progress meetings)