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Search Tips For Australian, Canadian, and UK Members

Substantially improve your search results by using these tips

This site uses U.S. English (American English) forms of spelling, so here are tips to get better search results for those in Australia, Canada, and the UK. We felt the need to create these tips since "British English" spelling of words are commonly used widely throughout Canada, Australia, as well as South Africa, and of course Britain.

For example, we recently had an Administrative Manager from Australia "Contact Us" frustrated at not being able to find the instructions for The Advisor Value Score™ (AVS), our client satisfaction survey process.  In working with her we realized that she was searching for the spelling "Adviser," with an "er" at the end, which prevented her from finding anything for The Advisor Value Score,™ with the "or" spelling of Advisor.

Therefore, for British members Canadian members & Australian members, please try different spellings of your words in our search box and "Contact Us" if you're unable to finds something you're seeking within this system.

[ACTION] If you come across major content that you had difficulty finding because of these types of spelling differences, then "Contact Us" and we'll fix the page for the future.  Just provide us the page link and the word or words that are spelled differently on this system from your common understanding.

Here's an article describing some common American and British English spelling differences.  In the meantime, here are a few examples to help in your Toolkit searches.

"our" v. "or" endings

American English: color, flavor, behavior, harbor, honor, humor, labor, neighbor, rumor, splendor
British English: colour, flavour, behaviour, harbour, honour, humour, labour, neighbour, rumour, splendour

If you cannot find something you're searching for on this system, study these tips and try different spellings of your search terms to improve your results.
After you find what you're searching for, if you will let us know the word spellings or terms that were different from the spellings you're used to, then we'll improve those pages for future searches.
By letting us know you can help us improve search results to make searching this system easier going forward.

"re" v. "er" endings

American English: Advisor, caliber, center, fiber, liter, luster, manoeuver, meager, meter, miter, ocher, reconnoiter, saber, sepulcher, somber, specter, theater
British English: Adviser, calibre, centre, fibre, litre, lustre, manoeuvre, meagre, metre, mitre, ochre, reconnoitre, sabre, sepulchre, sombre, spectre, theatre


"ce" v. "se endings

American English: license, practice, defense, offense, pretense
British English: licence, practise, defence, offence, pretence


"ise" v. "ize" endings

American English: Organize, realize, recognize
British English: Organise, realise, recognise

"yse" v. "yze" endings

American English: analyze, catalyze, hydrolyze and paralyze
British English: analyse, catalyse, hydrolyse and paralyse

"ogue" v. "og" endings

American English:  analog, catalog, dialog, monolog
British English:  analogue, catalogue, dialogue, monologue
Exceptions (common usage everywhere): demagogue, pedagogue, and synagogue