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The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™

Are you controlling your business or is your business controlling you?


An operating system for Trusted Advisors for offering even more fully comprehensive financial services to your Ideal Clients through a Best-in-Class Deliverables Team of Subject Matter Experts.

The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ is designed to be implemented through your primary administrative support person, whom we call your Administrative Manager.  Our system will orient, train and fully support your Administrative Manager to implement this system.

The key is your Best-in-Class Deliverables Team of Subject Matter Experts; you'll learn how to:
  • Build the team,
  • Lead the team, and
  • Delegate everything to the team... everything except the client experience!

Training & Leading Your Team Client Meeting Plans comprehensive financial Planning Checklists
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There are many tools here for you to use with your clients and to ensure your team knows exactly what to do and when to do it. To get started, it's best if you watch the "Guided Tour" below to get oriented. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Mark Responds To The Questions Most Frequently Asked By Advisors Here


Here's a quick rundown of the site:

Guided Video Tour Overview: (these videos may take 30sec to load) Get the "big picture" of what's here on the site, then go through each of the video guided tours below detailing, section by section, what is here on the site to save you time and grief organizing your practice. All the best in building your best-in-class fully comprehensive financial services business in less than 16 months.

My Best,


Mark McKenna Little

Overview of The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™

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“The definition of 'haters.'  H.A.T.E.R.S. are people who are Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.”

- Donni Thayer
Age 15