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Administrative Manager

I am the chief administrative support person designated to coordinate, gather documents, and organize our team in preparation for client meetings

Administrative Manager: aka Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Sales Assistant

I am one of the lead administrative support people in the office of a Trusted Advisor; a financial advisor to retail clients (families), in any area of finance, desiring the client-relationship to transcend beyond the actual technical advice to a relationship of trust?  So, I am assisting a financial advisor who wants to offer more fully Comprehensive Financial Services to our clients.

Administrative Manager is a term we use in our system for an administrative support person who the Trusted Advisor selects to lead and coordinate the other administrative support people in the business.  

This role may be for you if you feel you are ready, willing and able to coordinate people and assemble reports from others, according to a documented process, to help ensure that every meeting your Trusted Advisor conducts is an extraordinary experience for your clients.

Rather than a "lead administrative coordinator" a better description for me might be: 

  • Support Person to a Subject Matter Expert: I am an administrative support person who is a specialist in a narrow field of finance and who is likely to remain specialized
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  • Client Service Assistant: I am an administrative person in a financial advisor's office.  My financial advisor is contemplating introducing more fully Comprehensive Financial Services to our clients but I simply would not describe myself as the "lead administrative coordinator"
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The Kate Wilson Full Case-study: 3-part Video E-course following the first 30 days of a Financial Advisor who successfully implemented fully Comprehensive Financial Services for her clients.


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