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SME Support Person

I am the chief support person (and point-of-contact) for a Subject Matter Expert

MrSMESupport140x210.pngSupport Person for a Subject Matter Expert

I am a support person for someone who is highly skilled in a narrow field of finance (such as tax, estate planning, money management, financial planning or insurance).  The person I support  advises retail clients (families) and the advice tends to remain focused-upon advising our clients within that narrow field of expertise.

Support person is a term we use in our system for any administrative person who administratively supports (coordinates people & paper) for an individual advising families about one or more areas of personal finance.

To best understand where you best fit in this powerful client service system, think about what you know about the person you support.  Do your clients instinctively first call the person you support for any and all issues related to finance, even issues which clearly cross-over to other fields of finance?  Does the person you support, often coordinate with a client’s other financial advisors?  If so then perhaps, rather than “Support Person for a Subject Matter Expert,”  within our system you are an “Administrative Manager” (read more)  to a Trusted Advisor.  If, however, your clients primarily call the person you support for advice within a narrow field of finance, a specialty like tax, estate planning, money management or insurance, then, for the purposes here, you may best be described, regardless of your title, as  “Support Person for a Subject Matter Expert

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