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How Can I Become More Referable?

How can I become more referable?

The secret to getting more referrals is to become more referable. What do we mean by referable? Referability is about predictability and consistent performance. We are NOT talking about investment performance here, but the way you do business, the way your staff treats your clients, the systems and processes you use to deliver results for your clients, the quality of your team. When these things are inconsistent, your clients will never refer because they have no idea what kind or quality of experience their friends, family or colleagues will have. 

To get more referrals than you are now receiving...
you have to become more referrable

Your clients will never refer until they are having a predictable, positive, consistent experience in their meetings and dealings with you. As you use our system to bring those predictable positive consistent experiences to your clients, meeting after meeting, phone call after phone call, you will see their willingness to refer increase significantly. 
Think about the referrals you provide…Would you refer your friends to a restaurant that is sometimes good and sometimes poor? Would you refer a mechanic who can sometimes fix your car? Your best and strongest referrals are to those providers who predictably and consistently provide extraordinary customer experiences. Your clients are no different. The more predictable, consistent and extraordinary your client experiences, the more spontaneous referrals you will generate. 
We’ll also show you how to create extraordinary client meeting experiences so that when you ask for referrals in every client meeting your clients will be excited to share the great value you provide with everyone they know. Our research shows that an astounding 98% of advisors NEVER ASK for referrals! No wonder they don’t receive them! We’ll also show you how to build a long list of clients willing to be references for potential new clients. That is a one-two punch that will quickly and dramatically increase your client base.

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