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How Can I Deliver a Significantly Higher Level of Service To My clients?

Let’s start by thinking about what high levels of service look like, sound like and feel like to the kinds of clients you most likely want toTA-Her attract. In other words, let’s define what high levels of service mean.

I am guessing that you want to work with genuinely nice people…people who have a pleasant manner and are realistic in their expectations. You want to work with financial delegators who are likely to trust their financial affairs to you. You want to work with people who have enough money to pay your newer higher fees without experiencing either financial hardship or emotional distress. In other words, you want to work with nice people who value what you do and are willing to pay for it. 

If you want to work with the folks we’ve just described, you’ll need to realize that these are not the same people who are chasing ever higher returns on their investments. Those types of clients are a different breed altogether and they are NEVER loyal. They are ALWAYS chasing higher returns and will go anywhere to get it…meaning that THE VERY MOMENT you produce less than stellar returns, they will be gone…and never thank you for anything you have ever done for them.

Which means…YOU cannot think of high levels of service in terms of high investment returns either! NO ONE controls the markets…and the sooner you stop trying to control or predict what the markets will do and start focusing on what clients really value, the faster your practice will grow. To recap, high levels of service do not mean high investment returns. High levels of service will mean something altogether different in your new practice. 

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Exceptional client service will also not mean pampering clients with Ritz Carlton like personal service, being available 24/7/365 or expensive offices in upscale locations. It will not mean that your Administrative Manager must speak perfect English with a British accent or that you will be sucking up to high net worth clients. 

No, none of these things are what the clients you want truly care about and are willing to pay for.

What you will be doing, what your clients will value above all else, and what your entire team will be dedicated to, is ENHANCING YOUR CLIENT’S QUALITY OF LIFE by ensuring that your clients’ ENTIRE FINANCIAL HOUSE is AT ALL TIMES in PERFECT ORDER and that it stays that way FOREVER!


There are MILLIONS OF POTENTIAL CLIENTS with the desire to have their entire financial house in perfect order who are willing to pay your current fee or a higher fee…IF...THEY BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITY TO GET THEIR ENTIRE FINANCIAL HOUSE IN PERFECT ORDER AND KEEP IT THAT WAY FOREVER.

We will show you exactly how to get their ENTIRE financial house in perfect order in 15 months or less...  and provide all of the tools and training you’ll need to keep it that way forever. We’ll show you every system and process you’ll need to put in place to cover the five core financial disciplines of delivering fully comprehensive financial services including financial planning, money management, insurance, tax and legal. And we’ll show you how to orchestrate your team to deliver high levels of service across all of these disciplines with very little effort from you. 

Here’s a secret we’ll teach you immediately and then reteach you repeatedly throughout your journey...It is NOT about the money, the investment returns, the policy, the document, the tool or even the method of interaction. High levels of service are 100% about perception…your CLIENTS’ perception…and everything we will teach you to do will improve your clients’ perception of you and strengthen your relationship (both professional and personal) with your clients and potential clients. 

Focus upon increasing your client's optimism about their current and future financial situation, they will sing your praises from the hilltops!

If you will focus on helping your client improve their relationship with money and increase their optimism about their current and future financial situation, they will sing your praises from the hilltops! They will love you for what you are doing for them! They will drag their closest friends and family members to you and force them to enroll! They will be relentless advocates for you for the rest of their lives…but only if you keep your focus on them and their needs and put all other concerns aside. If you feel that you can do that, you have come to the right place.

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Learn about the free download “The Raw Truth About Referrals

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