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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ s)

Welcome to our knowledge-base. This is a great place to start in this site - an "information booth" for you. There are tips on ways to utilize this site as well as resources you will love (like interviews with many veteran financial advisors sharing their experience on how to run a top-notch financial advisory firm).

Frequently Asked Questions for those contemplating joining The Toolkit

Basic questions (FAQs) from professional financial advisors who are considering whether this system is a good fit for them (what is this system? how does the system work? what does it cost? etc)

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The 7 Prerequisites "Required" By The Toolkit

You must agree to all of the following fundamental requirements

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How do I get everything done in 2 weeks before The Implementation Meeting?

How do you get so many detailed items for action flushed out in just two weeks? What should I realistically expect to have covered on the Implementation Meeting Financial Action Plan? There seem to be many items on Deliverables Checkpoints­ (DCPs) that need to be done before The Implementation Meeting­ (IM)? Is it realistic to complete a comprehensive financial plan for a client in 2 weeks after the initial client meeting?

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Which should I do first, implement these methods or increase my skill with client acquisition?

One of the things that I am trying to establish is The Three Meeting Process™ (TMP). I am very familiar with Bill Bacharach Values-Based Financial Planning® (VBFP) methodology and I understand you use this process in your practice. The one thing I like about The Kate Wilson Full Case-study is that "she" did a overhaul on her whole practice, including The Ten Client Deliverables™ (TCD) and The Three Meeting Process™ (TMP). My question is where do I start? Should I start with this material or should I begin with Bill Bachrach's Values-Based Financial Planning® process?

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I'm overwhelmed with all this. Can I delegate this to my assistant?

I am really on board with The Ten Client Deliverables™ (TCD) and The Three Meeting Process™ (TMP), but I do admit that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed as well. I think I'm going to just start scheduling The Three Meeting Process™ (TMP) let my Adminsitrative Manager (my assistant) run with it. Will this work?

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Why The Three Meeting Process™, why not quarterly meetings with clients?

Mark, I am a Values-Based Financial Planning® (VBFP)advisor and have been for quite some time. Although you teach The Three Meeting Process™ (TMP), I have established 4 meetings per year with my clients. Did you ever use the 4-meeting cycle? If so, why did you move to 3-meetings per year? Do you feel strongly one way or another?

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If I go from 4 client meetings per year to 3, how do I explain the reduction in service?

I have held quarterly meetings with my best clients for years. If I now implement The Three Meeting Process™ (TMP), which is recommended on this site, how do I explain to clients that they will be getting less service?

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