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Why The Three Meeting Process™, why not quarterly meetings with clients?

Mark, I am a Values-Based Financial Planning® (VBFP)advisor and have been for quite some time. Although you teach The Three Meeting Process™ (TMP), I have established 4 meetings per year with my clients. Did you ever use the 4-meeting cycle? If so, why did you move to 3-meetings per year? Do you feel strongly one way or another?

Yes , I do recommend The Three Meeting Process™ (TMP) in lieu of quarterly client meeings.  I did quarterly meetings for years, myself, without having any good reason other than urban legend that, “top producers” did it that way with their best clients.  Once I developed The Ten Client Deliverables™ (TCD) I recognized the need for some thought to be put into the number of client meetings per year.  I had two primary objectives as I developed this annual client meeting cycle. I wanted to hold the minimum number of annual meetings to accomplish The Ten Client Deliverables™ AND I wanted a standardized process for all ideal clients, so I could delegate most of the meeting preparation (progress reports, updates, The Implementation Plan™, etc).


At the risk of sounding like Goldilocks, four meetings was too many (we didn’t need that many meetings to get the info we needed from the clients), and two meetings per year was not enough. Three meetings was “just right.”  So, you can continue with four (or any number) of annual client meetings, but we can support you on this site if you follow The Three Meeting Process™, since all the meeting plans, agendas, document checklists, client homework assignments, etc are already created and are here for you, and your team, to fully implement.